Toptek offers a variety of high end machining services to meet your prototyping and production-level needs,you can consult with our machining experts to improve or modify your design for performance, manufacturability, or longevity. Whether it's metal, plastic, or heavy-duty ceramic.

Ceramic machining& grinding service

Owing to the ceramic properties of ultra-hardness and wear resistantance, and its machining methods are not so many, the only way is grinding. But TopTek has diversified machining techniques; we can choose the most suitable machining technique and equipment according to customers' different products.
Green processing is suitable to high-precision products, small lot products, and trial pieces

Jig Grinding
Industry leader with a proven track record of precision jig grinding of ceramics, performing tapered holes, slip fits and chip free circuit board holes. Round, oblong and oval holes performed to 0.0002 inches and better.  C.N.C. jig grinding is available for production.

Surface Grinding
TopTek has been performing surface grinding in production to prototype quantities of advanced materials since its establishment. Quality is the key and TopTek performs. The main purpose of grinding surface is to machine surface, control parallelism to 0.005mm, and the roughness can reach Ra0.2μm

I.D. - O.D. Grinding
Contours, concentricity and continual performance, the three C's of TopTek's I.D. - O.D. grinding of advanced materials. Mirror mounts and shapes, wear rings, seal rings are just a few of the types of parts manufactured during our proven track record. C.N.C. is available for complex shapes and production runs.

Centerless Grinding
Twelve inch lengths with 0.0001 inch total tolerance on diameter is just one example of the quality centerless grinding TopTek can supply to you.

From volume production slicing to prototype slicing of your exotic materials, TopTek has the tooling to perform your needs no matter how small or how large.  Quick turnaround is available in most cases.
Lapping &Polishing
TopTek has the ability to supply your precision lapping needs.  Glasses to ceramics, lenses, windows, wear guides, mirrors and more.  Let TopTek reflect our ability in your precision parts.

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