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What are Advanced Structural Ceramics?


Advanced ceramics are wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, lightweight, inorganic and nonmetallic ceramics that excel in terms of their high-temperature stability, high hardness, low thermal expansion, and a variety of electrical properties ranging from insulators to semiconductors to highly conductive materials. These materials are highly specialized in terms of their unique electric, magnetic, optical, mechanical, biological and environmental properties. Advanced ceramics have a high potential to resolve a wide number of today’s material challenges in automotive industry, process industries, power generation, aerospace, transportation and military applications.
Structural ceramics possess exceptional high-temperature performance, and their specific strengths and moduli give ceramics what it takes to be high-performance structural materials. However, low fracture toughness is a barrier to adoption for all unreinforced ceramics. Structural ceramics behave fundamentally differently than metals and polymers; thus, creating a reference guide on how they perform (or fail to perform) is critical to our understanding of ceramics.

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