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Ningbo TopTek Advanced Ceramics Co., Ltd., established under the advanced ceramics research and development department, whose predecessor is Cixi Ningbo Huaxin Chemical Fiber Technology Group Co., Ltd.  Since its Found in June 2012, mainly used to research and development of industrial ceramics in the application of chemical fiber, because of the growing demand for business and the establishment of the ceramics business, we relocated our factory to Jiao Chang Shan Road No.285 ZongHan District, City CiXi.

Each of our employees is positively learning ceramic manufacturing technologies and continuing to improve the manufacturing capabilities of the company.
Our company's products has made tremendous breakthrough in the traditional Chinese ceramic production technology, with creative combination of nanometer ultra high activity powder technology and the wet gel casting forming technology so that we can achieve in preparation of large volume of complex ceramic structure parts which static pressure molding technology and injection molding technology cannot reach. Meantime our technology has reached the advanced level of similar products comparing with the international counterparts.

Since its founding, the company has broken the traditional technology and integrated ceramic molding, sintering, grinding and precision machining technology, to provide customers with high precision, high quality ceramic parts. Meanwhile, we provided small and medium size enterprises with "special ceramic materials amazing solution” By means of the new process, the use of new technologies, to provide customers with excellent quality of precision structure ceramic products. We sincerely welcome people at home and abroad to come to discuss the business with us.

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